We just finished a major backyard blitz in one week.

Our clients were putting their house on the market and wished to maximise the potential of the sale. One major downfall of the property was the three story apartment block looking down over the back fence into the garden.



We had one week before the marketing campaign began, so it was action stations! First stop was shopping for something suitable that would do the job, and we found it in the form of 8 metre high bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii).


It is hard to find advanced plants that will keep their foliage year round, with a very narrow spread, not to mention anything in supply with only a few days’ notice!

03-bis-2016-05-26-10-09-28 04-bis-2016-05-26-10-09-46 Getting them there on crane trucks was one thing, but we also had to be able to move them around and plant them. They each weighed about 750kg!


We managed to squeeze a small mobile crane very slowly through the bottom garage with 50mm to spare. Once set up in the rear garden we were able to roll the bamboo through the garage and use the crane to position them along the rear fence line.


06-2016-05-26-16-11-14 07-2016-05-26-10-40-40

Also considered was the fact that once planted they could very easily blow over and cause some serious damage to the surrounding buildings, so we installed 4mt high steel posts in 2mt concrete footings. Steel wires were stretched between all the posts allowing us to firmly support each bamboo.




08-2016-05-26-11-17-52 09-2016-05-26-12-08-43 10-2016-05-26-12-57-02 11-2016-05-26-16-01-27

We then had the clean-up. The weather hadn’t been kind and there was mud everywhere. But thanks to a massive effort by the crew at ‘The garden Company’ and some fresh new instant turf the garden came together beautifully and no more overlooking apartments! This was all completed with only hours to spare before the first house inspection.




12-2016-05-26-16-18-27 14-2016-05-27-15-55-54 2016-05-26-10-10-06 2016-05-26-12-10-40 2016-05-27-15-15-32

Happy clients/happy days!